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20ft And 40ft Brand New Shipping Container Basketball Court Office. Short Description. No need to install. Industrial appearance. Thats shipping container. It exists a number of standardized sizes. The common size is 20GP and 40HQ. 20GP- 6.096*2.438*2.589m. 40HQ- 40 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale40ft One Trip Steel Container Available nationwide in a variety of colors and often special configurations. This size is the most commonly sold for commercial and industrial applications.

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The gold standard for international shipping are 40-foot metal storage and shipping containers. Measuring 40 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet, shipping containers have alternative uses as homes, offices, swimming pools, and even coffee shops. High Cube cargo shipping containers measure 40 feet by 9 feet by 6 feet. 40-Foot Standard Shipping Containers for Sale:New & Used Interports 40-foot containers can also be fitted out as mobile offices, classrooms, and a virtually limitless variety of other kinds of spaces. Interport offers the Northeasts largest selection of high-quality new and used 40-foot shipping containers, available for immediate sale 40FT CHEAP USED SHIPPING CONTAINER Buy Brand New These ex-shipping line containers have been well used but they are guaranteed to be structurally sound and wind & watertight.Used containers measure 40ft x 8ft and are an ideal secure and cost effective method of storing a wide range of products and materials.


With a storage capacity of almost 2,500 cubic feet, our 40ft x 8ft ISO shipping containers offer cost-effective, secure storage for large / bulky loads.These are new (once shipped) containers manufactured in China to exacting ISO standards. NEW 40FT SHIPPING CONTAINER FEATURES. New 40ft container (once shipped) CSC plated (gross weight) max:30 ton 40ft Shipping Container Sales Melbourne, Victoria, Australia40ft shipping container sales Melbourne, by leading Melbourne 40ft shipping container sales company, Crown Containers, are conducted with the utmost professionalism at their Melbourne shipping container facility. Our Melbourne shipping container facility is based in Altona and caters to all regional Victoria and the Melbourne metropolitan area. Brand New Shipping Container for Sale - McLaren ContainersFeb 23, 2021 · One trip 40ft container will give you a better value for your money, and its built to meet your shipping needs. This type of container comes with a thick steel double door, and its secure and weather-sealed. You can also select different shipping container sizes from a 20ft shipping container to a 10ft shipping container.

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Shipping Containers for Sale - Range 20ft to 30ft long. See our shipping containers from our 20ft 30ft long range. If you need an in-between size we can cut a 40ft down to any length between 20ft and 30ft - we are the cut down specialists! 20ft new shipping containers give you the widest choice, best value and quickest delivery time, as they "come as they are" no cutting required! 30ft containers and 25ft Prices for 40 ft High Cube Container Used, New & Cargo Prices for 40 ft High Cube Container Used, New & Cargo Worthy - Container Traders. Call our helpful team today 1300 89 89 70. Home. All Shipping Containers. Shipping Containers For Sale. 10ft Containers. 20ft Containers. 40ft Containers. General Purpose Shipping Containers.40ft shipping container for sale near me ConexwestJun 15, 2015 · 40ft shipping containers standard features:Single end corrugated steel cargo doors ; High security lock box (new models only) Two-way forklift pockets, tested to 16,000 lbs./ 44 squ. in.(new models only) 1 thick marine plywood floors; Wall tie down steel lashing rings, 4,000 lbs. cap. each (40 total) tested at 6,000 lbs.