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Special Offers! 20% OFF? 1/2 Inch 5 bar Aluminum tread plate or Sheets - Painted Black - .025 (Thin) 48 x 96,3003 H22 Aluminum Diamond Tread Sheet, 12 Inch x 36 Inch x 0.125 Inch Thickness, Bright Finish 15% discount for 11.75 Inch 3003 & 6061 Aluminum Diamond Plate ; 36 in. x 36 in. x 0.025 in. Diamond Tread Aluminum Sheet. 1050/1060/1100 big five bar pattern Tread plate 10% discount Algrip Slip-Resistant Flooring - Grating Pacific EST. 1971Algrip Slip-Resistant Flooring Products are an investment in safety. Manufactured through a patented CNC laser deposition process in which hundreds of rugged, custom alloy, slip-resistant laser deposits are delivered to each square foot of a substrate, Algrip helps reduce slips and falls.

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Algrip plate products have efficiently served industry for over 50 years. When work areas are subject to the accumulation of moisture, fluids or lubricants, Algrip is your number one choice! The slip-resistant properties of Algrip Floor Plate provide continuing worker safety in the automotive, petrochemical and food processing industries, just to name a few. Aluminium Chequer Plate 5 Bar Treadplate 1st Choice MetalsThe 5 bar lozenges are raised from the base of the sheet producing a textured and 3 dimensional pattern. Although 5 Bar Aluminium Treadplate is its official name, often it is referred to by one of several other names, such as Aluminium Chequer Plate, Aluminium Floor Plate, Aluminium Durbar Plate, Aluminium Diamond Plate or Aluminium Kick Plate. Anti Slip Aluminum Grating for Walkway and Architetural

  • Materials and FinishesFeaturesProcessing StylesApplications and ProjectsOther Metal Flooring MaterialsMainly aluminum; HDG gratings, hot dip galvanized low carbon steel, stainless steel are also available at your choice. Aluminum grating panels are available in standard or anodized finishes.RR534 - A study of the slip characteristics of metal High slip potential:five floors. Moderate slip potential:seven floors. Low slip potential:five floors. The flooring materials assessed in this study therefore exhibited a range of slip potential characteristics, several being classified as being unsuitable for use in foreseeably wet areas.

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    Conforming to ASTM A 786 / ASTM A 36, pattern 4 or 5 . Aluminum Alloy Chequered Plate for Fabricated Parts . Anti-skid flooring sheet in one bar pattern, Alum plate Chequered with diamond design, Length:5000mm, width :1250mm, Thickness:1.6 mm or 1.8mm . 1.2mm Thickness 2024 T4 GR Aluminium Chequered Sheet - embossed diamond pattern Determination of Industrial Steel Grating Floor Slip Plate floors 6 deep over plain plate; Aluminum:Plain plate:0.13:O.R. Raised five bar tread pattern chequer:0.28:3.55:Plate floors 10 deep over plain plate; GRP:Plain top with gritted surface:0.84+ O.R. Raised diamond pattern chequer:0.57:10.76:Perforated plate Long knuckle; Low carbon steel:Heavy duty expanded metal:0.67:O.R. MEBAC® Anti Slip Floor Coating Non Slip Floors IKGMEBAC ® Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coating. IKGs Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coating or MEBAC® is a durable, zero-maintenance anti-slip coating for metal that can be applied to IKG bar grating, metal plate and customer provided material. MEBAC provides many years of top-performing slip resistance to protected areas and is fast becoming a valuable and essential part of many companies slip and fall

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    Anti-slip stair treads and plate for conveyor cross over for large margarine processing facility. Solution (1) ¼ x 24 x 30-1/16 304 stainless steel plate & (8) ¼ x 7 x 23-1/2 304 stainless steel stair treads Slip Resistant Metal Safety Flooring Manufacturer SlipNOT®Apr 15, 2021 · Slip resistant steel plates increasing worker productivity at the New York Times printing facility. Toray Plastics June 22, SlipNOTs aluminum surface is a lightweight and corrosion resistant solution for less demanding applications. Anti-slip floor decking and trench drain covers; aluminum tread plate for Sale - haomei skid-proof materialFive bars aluminum tread plate:This aluminum is cheap, and anti-skid effect is good, which is divided into large five tendons - pattern length of 42 mm, and small five tendons - pattern length of 35 mm, pattern height of 0.8 mm or so.

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    6061 aluminum tread plate 5-bar pattern sizes 4 x 1200 x 2500mm for indoor and outdoor decoration. 6061 Aluminum tread plate Products Description. Alloy :6061,A6061,en aw-6061. Pattern type:checker, diamond ,tread plate,needle ,chquered etc. can be customized.