natural wonders that were created by accident

List of All Seven World Wonders - 7 Wonders of The World

The Cable News Network (CNN) created a list of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World in 1997, and Swiss corporation New7Wonders Foundation initiated an effort to select the New7Wonders of the World in 2001. Later, in 2007, over 100 million people voted to declare the New Seven Wonders of the World. The 9 Arkansas Wonders That Look Man Made, But Are All Jan 21, 2017 · The world is full of wonders, and a lot of those wonders are right here in the Natural State. Below youll find nine wonders, but theres something extra-extraordinary about all of them. You see, these natural wonders all look like they were created by human ingenuitybut really theyre all natural features of the Natural State.

The most beautiful natural wonders on Earth

    • Beautiful scenery from Mother Nature. Our natural environment has the power to move and inspire, Hoh Rain Forest, Washington, USA. Located inside the Olympic National Park in the US state of Kirkjufell, Iceland. We've all heard of Everest and Fuji, and while these peaks are mesmerizing in Ala-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan. As far as lakes go, Ala-Kul is one of the world's most impressive. Nestled Angel Falls, Venezuela. Located in the Guayana highlands of Venezuela, this mammoth waterfall is Antelope Valley, California, USA. Each spring, Mother Nature puts on a truly captivating display in Stuðlagil, Iceland. Prehistoric in its appearance, Iceland's Stuðlagil, also known as Basalt Column Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA. Located a few miles from the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend is Hanging Rock, New South Wales, Australia. Australia is awash with superb scenery but Blue Ik Kil, Yucatán, Mexi Ik Kil, a natural cenote (or sinkhole) in Yucatán, Mexico, was formed during 13 Geologic Wonders Of The Natural World - Forbes
        • Tibetan Plateau, China. Often called the "Roof of the World," the Tibetan Plateau stands at 16,400 The Door To Hell, Turkmenistan. The Door To Hell is located on top of the natural gas field in Fumaroles Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA. The Yellowstone Fumaroles in Wyoming are an incredible Mount Roraima, Brazil/Guyana/Venezuela. Mount Roraima is an amazing geologic wonder located Giants Causeway, Ireland. The Giants Causeway columns formed 50 to 60 million years ago when Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, USA. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii's most active The Blue Hole, Belize. The Great Blue Hole is a gigantic sinkhole off the coast of Belize that Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA. Antelope Canyon is an eroded slot canyon near Page, Arizona. CretaceousPaleogene (KPg) boundary, Geulhem, Netherlands. The Cretaceous-Paleogene (K Crystal Cave, Mexi The Crystal Cave in Mexico is a geologic wonder worthy of visiting. This cave Tectonic plates created some of the world's greatest wondersSep 24, 2019 · When tectonic plates meet, they create mountains, trenches, valleys and even something called a "lost continent." Source:CNN. Where to Find the Most Colorful Natural Wonders Around Nov 11, 2018 · Some of the worlds most beautiful sights were created by accident. In 1964, a geothermal company drilled a test well. But something went wrong and the well remained open after the company was done.7 Historical Treasures Discovered by Accident - HISTORYMar 17, 2015 · 7 Historical Treasures Discovered by Accident From the Terra Cotta Army to the Dead Sea Scrolls, get the stories behind seven chanceencounters that