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Mild Steel & Low Hydrogen Electrodes 6010 6010 Plus 6011 6013 6022 7010 7010-A1 7014 7016 7018 7018-1 7018AC 7018-A1 Low Alloy & Mild Steel Cored Wire 70C-6M 70T-1 70T-2 70T-4 70T-5 71T-GS 71T-11 71T-1/T-9 71T-1T-12MJ 80T5-B2 81T1-A1 81T1-B2 9018-B3, 9018-B3L, E9018-M, E10018-D2, 10018-M, 12018-M, ER316L, ER81T1-B2, ER80T5-B2, ERNI-1 E9018-B3 Low Alloy Electrodes - AlphaweldA low alloy basic coated electrode with 0.25% Chrome & 1% Molybdenum for use in welding creep restant steel. Vacuum sealed for optimum performance AWS A5.5 E 9018-B3

ER70S-6 - MIG Mild & Low Alloy Steel Wire - 11 Lb x 0.035

ER70S-6 is the most common of the copper-coated mild steel GMAW (MIG) wires for single or multiple pass weldingER70S-6 has the highest combination of manganese and silicon deoxidizers, permitting higher welding currents with 100% CO2 shielding gas and leaving a smoother weld bead with little to zero post-weld cleanup.Copper-plated and layer wound. Low Alloy & Mild Steel Pinnacle AlloysHouston, TX:(800) 856-9353 Toll Free (713) 688-9353 Phoenix, AZ:(866) 442-9353 Toll Free (602) 442-9353 Low Alloy Steel Electrodes & Alloys Selectrode IndustriesThe low alloy steel E9018-B3 is an outstanding welding electrode for welding higher strength piping, castings and forgings.


Mild steel core Fe Mn Cr Ni Cu Si Typical 98-99 <0.6 <0.1 <0.1 <0.1 <0.2 TABLE 2:COATING COMPOSITION DATA (WT%) Some low levels of dust may be produced during handling. DO NOT BREATHE THE DUST. When using these electrodes as part of the welding process additional potential hazards are likely: Midalloy Welding Consumables Welding ProductsStainless steel, nickel alloy, aluminum alloy, mild & low alloy steel welding consumables to fabricate and manufacture critical products. View Our Stocked Products . Find Technical Help . Call Today for a Quote 800-776-3300. Product Families. Stainless Steel. Mild Steel Low Alloy Steel E7018 Welding Electrode The Shanti metals is a Mild steel & low alloy steel E7018 welding electrodes manufacturer and supplier delivering to domestic and international and international clients. These electrodes are internationally approved and stand under the norms of clients. With excellent workability and weldability, these electrodes work well for welding applications.

Mild and Low-Alloy Steel Weld Materials - Weld Mold

A versatile, general-purpose, all-position low-alloy steel electrode designed and developed for production and maintenance welding of mild steel. Uses include fabrication and maintenance welding of sheet metal ducts, tanks, culverts, pipe, plate and angle iron. Specification:N/A. Stick Electrodes Lincoln ElectricFor mild and low alloy steel welding applications. Features cellulosic, rutile and low hydrogen coating types designed to provide maximum weldability for a wide range of WELDING ELECTRODE CLASSIFICATIONSMILD STEEL COATED ELECTRODES E7018-X E Indicates that this is an electrode 70 Indicates how strong this electrode is when welded. Measured in thousands of pounds per square inch. LOW ALLOY STEEL COATED ELECTRODES, CONTD. SUFFIX TABLE Suffix Steel Alloy Type Suffix Number Description-A1 Carbon-Molybdenum 0.40 - 0.65 Mo

Mild Steel Low Alloy Steel E9018-B9/E9015-B9 Welding

Mild steel & low alloy steel E9018- B9/ E9015- B9 welding electrodes are available at Shanti metals. They are renowned manufacturer and exporter of all types of welding electrodes. These electrodes are designed to offer improved corrosion resistance weld, oxidation, fatigue,